Blue Brain Games is an indie puzzle game studio with amazing people, proven technology and attention to details. Our games focus on powerful storytelling and unique features to keep you, the player, having fun and coming back for more.

We strive to deliver incredible authenticity into every detail. With every new game, we aim for amazingly detailed and historically accurate storyline enhanced with our own layer of imagination. Our stories are built around real historical figures, who, even after several centuries, still have a strong aura of mystery around them: just like the great Leonardo da Vinci.

We’re masters of puzzles, brain twisters, baffling riddles and complex lockboxes hidden far beyond where any eye can see.

We’re a really small team of dedicated people, determined to approach multi-platform games in a different way: we want to provide our players a game environment rich in details, we want to submerge them into an amazingly realistic atmosphere, we want to set your brain ablaze trying to solve complex puzzles and mechanisms.

And most of all, we want you to have fun. Because one thing is certain: we love our work. You’re welcome to fall in love with it’s result.

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