The House of Tesla

Coming 2024

We are hard at work to bring you a brand-new adventure from Blue Brain Games, the creators of The House of Da Vinci. You can expect new handcrafted puzzles, hauntingly beautiful locations and challenges for your brain’s gray (or blue) matter. You will be able to look at the world through the eyes of one of the most famous inventors, the father of electricity, the man behind alternating current, the science wizard, Nikola Tesla. You will need to be industrious and peer under the surface to prevail.

The Story

Science brings mysteries toward the light one by one, strips them of their secrets and makes them part of something greater. It is true that some myths are rooted too deep, are too resilient and even seem like having a mind of their own as they resist men of science trying to shine the light of understanding. But in the end science and mystery are anything but anathema to each other. On one stormy night a person was brought to this world. A child of darkness and a child of light, full of mysteries and full of scientific curiosity, just starting to build a myth of their own.

You will explore eerie abandoned industrial buildings of Nikola Tesla’s most ambitious facility in Wardenclyffe, that was meant to become an important city where future is today and every societal process is improved upon by the principles of free wireless electrical energy. Through the eyes of the man himself you’ll watch the important moments that lead to the construction and later to the fall of the famous Wardenclyffe Tower, and slowly uncover the mystery that left you stranded among deserted machines.

Key Features
  • Fresh locations based on real places and plans of the enigmatic Nikola Tesla
  • Mysterious story from our take on the Progressive Era America
  • New dynamic approach to storytelling using flashbacks into the past
  • Use a device that allows you to see and influence the flow of electricity
  • New handcrafted puzzles to challenge yourself
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