If Da Vinci were starting a puzzle game company, this would be it.

Who are we? A small group of game-loving game designers, inspired every day by the life and work of the genius Leonardo da Vinci. Blue Brain Games is by no means our first brainchild – we’re a team (including two brothers, who actually get along!) who’ve worked together on games of every kind – from casual play to intense strategic war games – but always with one goal: to create something really unique.

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Our Games

  • The House of Da Vinci

    One thing is certain: Your master, the great genius Leonardo da Vinci, is gone. But where, exactly, has he gone? Has one of his amazing inventions gone haywire? Or are shadowy assassins from the Church responsible? You’ll need all your wits, and all the skills you’ve learned from the Master, to learn what really happened.

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  • Mysteries Of The Past

    The mystery? A father and son, spending a vacation exploring the area surrounding the mountain chalet where they were staying, have disappeared without a trace. The lodge owner has called you in to investigate…and to try to break the dark curse that has been hanging over this place for ages.

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Our Team

  • Peter


    The Dungeon master

    Nobody really knows how many games he’s worked on as a developer. Nobody knows as much about history, science, space, aviation. And nobody really knows what goes on deep inside the Dungeon Master’s mind. (Probably just as well.)

  • Michal


    Master of Art, Master of Detail

    He’s passionate about both. He’s equally passionate about kick-starting and developing new projects. He’s even more passionate about judo and the outdoors – even though the real world isn’t nearly as interesting as the ones inside his head.

  • Richard


    Game developer

    Really too young to already be the experienced and lightning-quick coder he is, he loves playing online games almost as much as he loves creating them. Usually two steps ahead of the rest of us, he amuses himself by creating new games to play during his lunch break. (Yes, he’s that fast.)

  • Pavel


    Graphic Designer

    Nothing escapes his eagle eye. It’s a toss-up whether his artistic talent outshines his impressive attention to detail.

  • Tomáš


    Problem Solver

    The glue that holds Blue Brain Games together. No task too difficult, no end to his limitless energy, no better cup of coffee in any world, real or fantasy.

  • Martin



    By no means your typical company exec - Martin is as involved in the nuts and bolts of game creation as the rest of the team. He fell in love with video games the moment he switched on his first computer. (OK, it was a ZX Spectrum - don’t laugh!)


“I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have.”
– Leonardo da Vinci –

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